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To create is when the admiration of an art arouses in you the desire to make itso much

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How to choose your course

Painting lessons: The image in general has fascinated you sinceyour youngest age. You spend time looking at posters thatcover the walls at your grandmother's. The color and the material youlive because they give you thrills. The workshop ofpainting will be the ideal place to satisfy these appetites.

Design courses: Curious about the way of life of our societies, youlike moving objects and playing with your interior. In search ofnew sensations of space, our design courses will allow youto imagine accessories and objects from models and drawings.In this discipline, you will learn to shape your environment and tocommunicate your vision for space.

Ceramic lessons: You like to play with the earth and yourhands or simply understand how porcelains are designedfamily. Through this moment of delicacy offered by ceramics,relive simple and warm sensations with an elementary material:clay. In addition, you will combine the useful with the pleasant by making yourselfyour next mug for breakfast or your next vase formothers' Day...

Textile arts class: You spend your time watchinghow are others dressed because you think the clothing is likea second skin that can reveal the history and sensitivity of asociety. The softness of textiles, its touch, the versatility of its usesare a playground that you can't wait to invest: do not wait any longer,come and awaken your most uninhibited creative desires in our workshopsof textiles.

Drawing lessons: Always inventingnew scenarios, you are looking for a way to give existence tostories that you imagine. The drawing will allow you to deploy yourimaginary and transcribe what you observe. With a stroke of the pen on thepaper, the characters you imagined, the scenes you haveobserved finally become reality.

Sculpture course: Attentive to materials, textureswho surround us, you are sensitive to the material and the shape of objectsof art. You want to improve your perception of volumes. Succumb tojoys of sculpture through a three-dimensional and hybrid experiencewhich will allow you to work with a multitude of materials such assteel, wood, plaster or even stone ...

Our creators

Based on their know-how, our creators will share with you techniques andtricks, giving you the confidence and daring you need to achieve anew creative horizon.

Customer feedback


« Le cours était super, Elisabeth et moi étions enchantées. Léa est adorable et s'est adaptée à la demande de deux pipelettes très intéressées. J'ai appris beaucoup de choses et j'aime bien les teintures que j'ai réalisées. »

Painter, Stylist, Designer, Draftsman, Sculptor, Ceramist and above allpassionate…

You graduated from an art school where you have more than 5 years of experiencein your artistic practice. You are generous in your approachcreative and you like to pass it on to others.